Updates and stuff. / by Kjell Bakke

Alright friends, esteemed colleagues, companions, consorts, cohorts and others of the ilk, (calmly sets down thesaurus.) Whatever you may be you have somehow stumbled upon my webpage. Up to this point it has been relatively inactive due to me trying to get my business legs underneath me in the form of much paperwork and milling about. Regardless, I am happy you are here and it is time to turn this into something that actually expresses myself and my work. 

There is just one small favor I ask of you: if you see something that trips your fancy, please, by all means let me know. If there is an idea you would like me to explore or utilize, I would love to hear about it. if you have any input at all, please place those ideas in a fire extinguisher and aim that baby this way, or aim it at people you know, or people you don't know.  In case that was too obscure, I would like you to tell your friends about me......There is an instagram too......and facebook......

I would probably not have ever thought that this could be a business without having support force fed to me by the wonderful people in my life, and to my friends I could not be more thankful. So lets expand this friend pool.