A Revelation / by Kjell Bakke

So, here I sit at the fire station, on a shift watching some T.V. before the crew goes to bed. Suddenly it hits me, I have been looking at woodworking pieces, looking at finishing products and techniques that are new to me (I'm not an especially creative finisher, Waterlox/T&T varnish oil/Briwax/Tung oil is about all one needs) checking the blogs, reading archived articles on Fine Woodworking and consuming information at a rather steadfast rate.......for five hours.

My weekend was kicked off with a bang, our anniversary is on the fourth and my lovely bride to be gave me a fantastic gift, a brand spankin' new Veritas dovetail saw. (The answer to your question is no, you cant have her, and I don't know where to find another one.....I realize I have to specify........the woman.) 

I was gone all weekend celebrating the fourth of July with my fiancee and my family which shaved my shop time to none, and while that kept me from my shop, I was still immersed in the craft. I found myself peeking under tables, looking in drawers, and attempting to shave down the stack of books that I have acquired, I managed to finish one on this trip by Master Toshio Odate. The weekend was tailed by a long drive home and upon our return, I was immediately in the shop again. I didn't actually achieve anything that night except sweep the bench and place my hands on my tools. Today I actually tidied up better, put the finishing touches on a jewelry box, worked on a table commission, almost finished fabricating lathe parts, so-on at nauseum. Quite an obsession indeed. 

All of this by the way of saying, when confronted with the fact that I cannot get into the shop until 6:30pm tomorrow, I am saddened. I am past saving, there is no hope, and I couldn't be happier to soften and bend to the will of this addiction. 

I truly hope that all people can be completely taken over by something like this.

I am a woodworker, I am consumed.